Zipper is a character in The Clarence Show.

About him Edit

Zipper is a Boy who walks around school, Listening and watching. The thing is, He can't talk, so he uses Sign language to communicate.

Relationships Edit

Clarence Edit

He and Clarence share a Likeful relationship. They both do things together, but rarely that happens.

Gilben Edit

He and Gilben are brothers. They both keep something unusual in their desks, and both have a strange past.

Appearences Edit

Trivia Edit

  • His favourite food is biscoff butter sandwich, even though he hates Bischoffs.
  • In The secret of Desks, its revealed he keeps a Golden Idol in his Desk.
  • He may have the power of telekinesis, as he was shown in the secret life of Desks grabbing his Idol without actually Touching it.
  • He is also shown to be quite intelligent, as he is able to to make a working blaster gun only using cardboard and tape.

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