The Casts

  • Clarence as Mario
  • Sumo as Luigi
  • Jeff as Yoshi
  • Cooter as Waluigi
  • Seabass as Wario
  • Belson as Bowser Jr.
  • Malakevin as Kamek
  • Lil' Grandpa (From "The Break Up") as Toadsworth
  • Amy Gillis as Princess Peach
  • Chelsea Keezheekoni as Princess Daisy
  • Nature Kate as Princess Rosalina
  • Amy Shtuzger as Candy Kong
  • Joshua Maverick as Bowser
  • Unnamed Hooded Kid with Pimples (From the episode "Spooky Boo") as Fawful
  • Malessica as Birdo
  • Emilio as Baby Bowser
  • Glary Keezheekoni as Midbus
  • Courtlin as Pauline
  • Nathan as Donkey Kong
  • Percy as Diddy Kong
  • Mavis as Toadette
  • Brady as Toad
  • Ms. Lofton as Cackletta
  • Game Show Host Guy (From "Game Show") as Antasma
  • Tinia as Kammy Koopa

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