[The episode starts at the Sumozski residence.]

[Inside, Sumo looks at a catalog.]

Sumo: Boring. [Turns page.] Lame. [Turns page.] Seen it... Wow!

[The scene cuts to a page on the catalog showing a kit.]

Sumo: GeeWizz Co. presents: The hypnotism kit. Comes with hypno wheel and instructions.

[We get close to Sumo face.]

Sumo: Now there's something nice.

[Sumo's older brothers come in his room.]

Sumo's Brothers: Hey, little brother. What'cha lookin' at?

Sumo: A catalog with no cars or women for you.

Brown-Haired Brother: I knew it. Or maybe you're lyin'.

[Sumo shows the pages of the catalog, then returns reading it.]

Blonde Brother: He was right. You just got lucky shrimp.

Sumo's Mom: Boys, don't call your little brother a shrimp.

Brown-Haired Brother: Dang! You got lucky again.

[He shuts the door.]

Sumo: Hmm. I wonder if they work.

[He pauses.]

Sumo: Maybe I'll go ask mom. Wait! No, no, no! Even better.

Sumo's Mom: I'm sorry, hon. But I'm talking to your friend's mom. But you can use the green phone.

Sumo: Thanks!

[Sumo takes the phone outside and calls the company.]

Phone Operator: Hello. Who would you like to speak with?

Sumo: I'd like to speak to GeeWizz Co.

Phone Operator: One moment.

[He waits fifty-six minutes later. Then the phone beeps and the company's on the line.]

Sumo: Well, that was quick. Hello. I like to purchase one of your hypnotism kits... please?

[The voice chatters on the phone.]

Sumo: Really? For free? Oh, for a limited time for four days.

[The voice chatters.]

Sumo: Tuesday.

[The voice chatters.]

Sumo: So, this is the third day? Awesome! How long do I have to wait?

[The voice chatters.]

Sumo: OK. Tomorrow. Got it.

[At 4:46 AM, Sumo waits for the package.]

Sumo: [Whispers] Here he comes.

[The mailman comes by putting down the package for Sumo.]

Sumo: [In thought] Yes!

[Sumo comes by Clarence's house knocking on the door.]

[Mary answers the door.]

Mary: Sumo? What are you doin' here? It's 5:00 AM in the morning.

Sumo: Is it OK if Clarence comes to my house for...

Mary: A sleepover? Alright.

[Sumo pulls a wagon with Clarence in it.]

[Then, he comes by Jeff's house ringing the doorbell rapidly.]

[Sue answers.]

Sue: What are you doing here?

EJ: It's 5:08 AM.

Sumo: Sleepover.

[The wagon holds Clarence and Jeff, still in their pajamas. While Sumo hauls them to his house.]

[In Sumo's bedroom at 9:09 AM...]

Sumo: Is everybody awake?

Clarence & Jeff: [drowsy] Yeah.

Sumo: Good. Because I wanna show you... this!

[He shows the kit.]

Clarence & Jeff: Wow!

Clarence: What is it?

Sumo: The Hypnotism Kit. Available in the U.S. next month.

Jeff: Well, why did you bring us all the way here and woke us up?

Sumo: I told you moms that if it was fine for you guys to sleep over.

[Both of them don't say anything.]

[Later, outside, Clarence and Jeff are outside with Sumo wearing their everyday clothes.]

Jeff: I gotta get one of these for my birthday. How does it work?

Sumo: I red the instructions, and now let's demonstrate.

[Sumo spins the hypno wheel.]

[Clarence and Jeff both look at the wheel.]

Sumo: Both of you will listen to me. When I snaps my fingers, you'll both switch minds. On my mark, three two one...

[He snaps his fingers.]

[Both of them blink and rub their eyes.]

Clarence as Jeff: Oh, what happened?

Jeff as Clarence: I don't know... [He looks at his body.] Aah!

Ceff: Huh?

[He looks at his feet but can't see them, because of Clarence's chubby body.]

Ceff: Do you have a mirror?

Sumo: In the bathroom.

[Ceff and Jarence look in the mirror.]


Sumo's Mom: Be quiet! Some of us are still trying to sleep!

Both: Sorry.

Ceff: What happened to us?

Jarence: We switched minds! Sumo, save us!

Sumo: Don't worry. I already know how to change both of you back.

Ceff: Really?

Sumo: Yep. But I'm not. Because I wanted to see you in different bodies with your minds switched.

Jarence: Well, if I'm gonna be in this body, I guess I'll have to lose all this weight. Because i can't see my feet.

Ceff: You know, I used to be skinny as Jeff.

[Both of them look at Ceff.]

Ceff: What?

[At school...]

Ceff: Look. This thing can record your voice. Listen. [records] I'm Jeff.

Recording Toy: [In deep voice] I'm Jeff.

Ms. Baker: Jeff, you know I'm gonna take away on of your buddy stars for that.

Jarence: No!

Ms. Baker: Clarence, I'm sorry. But Jeff needs to behave for what he's doing.

Ceff: Sorry, Ms. Baker.

Ms. Baker: OK, but if you misbehave again, that's detention. [She turns around.] Now...

[Ceff starts napping.]

Ms. Baker: Jeff, wake up!

Ceff: Wah! Wha... Uh-oh!

[Ms. Shoop grabs Ceff's hand to the detention room.]

Ms. Shoop: You would fly to the moon if you could get away taking that test!

Ceff: But, Ms. Shoop...

Ms. Shoop: But nothing!

[Ceff comes in the room.]

Ceff: Hey, Mr. Reese.

Mr. Reese: First time in detention like the I stripped you as hall monitor.

Ceff: Really?

Mr. Reese: Don't play dumb with me, son. take your seat. You get one hour.

[At the cafeteria...]

Jarence: I'll take a salad, and a piece celery.

Sumo: So, how was detention?

Ceff: I only had an hour and nine minutes in there.

[Jarence sits with them.]

Jarence: I hope you're happy, Jeff. You got one of my buddy stars off.

[He eats his salad, then his celery.]

Ceff: So? Those buddy stars aren't my buddies.

Jarence: What? I work hard behaving than anyone else.

Ceff: I got a girlfriend first.

Jarence: Yeah. But when was the last time that you've seen your feet?

[Both of them scowl.]

Ceff: Food fight!

Students: Yeah!

[All of them throw food at each other.]

Jarence: This is for taking away that buddy star!

[He throws mashed potatoes at Ceff.]

Sumo: This is turning out even better than I hoped.

[Ms. Shoop enters the cafeteria.]

[She blows her whistle.]

Ms. Shoop: Who started this?

[All the kids pause and point as Jarence and Ceff.]

[At Clarence's house...]

Mary: I can't believe you...

[Scene changes to Jeff's house.]

Sue: ...had a food fight at...

Mary: today. I have no other option. Go...


Mary: ...your...

[In split screen...]


Sue: You're grounded for the rest of the day!

[Ceff starts crying to his room.]

EJ: I think you we're a little hard on Jeff.

Sue: Maybe because of stress. Or what happened at school.

EJ: Or both.

[Meanwhile, Jeff's still in Clarence's body, grounded in Clarence's bedroom.]

Jarence: For the rest of the day I'm grounded. Why did that idiot ruin everything? [Looks down.] I still haven't went on that diet. Now's the time to get fit.

[In a montage, Jarence does exercising, push ups and jumping jacks.]

Mary: Clarence, turn down that music.

Jarence: Sorry!

[Meanwhile, Sumo has dinner with his family.]

Sumo's Mom: I heard there was a food fight at school. Did you get hurt, honey?

Sumo: Not really. I manage to survive.

Sumo's Mom: Oh, good. Wash your hands, please.

[Sumo go up to the sink to wash his hands.]

[He comes back to his seat to eat. But finds his plate empty.]

Sumo: Very funny.

Older Brothers: Now you got unlucky today.

Sumo: Rrr.

[The next day, Sumo comes to Clarence's house.]

Sumo: Hey, Jeff. Whoa, you're so thin. Have you lost weight?

Jarence: Yep. Fit as a fittle.

Sumo: So, where's all of Clarence's stuff?

Jarence: In the closet.

Sumo: So, you wanna go to Rough Riders Chicken? It's my treat.

Jarence: [pauses] Sure.

[Both of them go to Jeff's house.]

Sue: I'll get it.

[Answers the door.]

Sue: It's you again. Clarence! Did you loose weight?

Jarence: Yeah, thank you.

Sue: Well, if you're looking for Jeff, he's in his room.He just let himself go.

Jarence: What do you mean by that? Let me see!

[Jarence runs into Jeff's room, seeing Ceff overweight.]

Jarence: What did you do to me?! You turned me into a blimp!

Ceff: No, I didn't. I missed my size. So I had to get it back.

Jarence: You...! You did this to me!

[Jarence starts attacking Ceff. They both fight.]

Sumo: OK. Calm down! Both of you! All I wanted was for you guys to feel what it was like to be into your shoes. Not fight over... this. I wanted both of you to see what it's like to be trading places. Now, let's shake hands and make up. [pause] Come on, be a sport.

Jarence: Alright.

[He shakes Ceff's hand and feels a slices of a pizza on his hand.]

Jarence: See?! He started all over again!

Sumo: Hey, hey, it was an accident. Now let's go have some lunch.

[The boys arrive at Rough Riders Chicken.]

[Jarence eats his fries, Ceff eats a burger and Sumo just drinks a soda.]

Jarence: So, when are you gonna change us back?

Sumo: Oh, at school tomorrow.

Ceff: Hold on. Why?

Sumo: Oh, you'll see.

[The next day at school...]

Ms. Baker: Alright. Sumo, what do you have for show and tell?

Sumo: The Hypnotism Kit!

Belson: What are you gonna do? Hypnotize a baby to sleep?

Sumo: [pause] No. I'm gonna hypnotize Clarence and Jeff back to normal.

[The class see Jarence studying and Ceff eating a cupcake.]

Ms. Baker: That's explains Jeff eating so much and Clarence studying hard. No wonder Clarence got so many As. OK, Sumo. Show them.

Sumo: Thank you.

[He brings both of them to the chalkboard.]

[He uses the hypno-wheel on Jarence and Ceff.]

Sumo: When I snap my fingers, you three will be back to normal.

[He snaps his fingers.]

Jeff: Are you... I'm me again!

Clarence: And I'm not you!

[They both hug.]

Clarence: Wow. I like this nice this body. I can finally see my feet.

Jeff: It's like I've been on some junk food spree.

Sumo: Yep. Everything's back to normal.

Ms. Baker: [pauses] OK. Back in your seats.

[The episode ends.]

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