The Nobody Is The 10th Episode In Season 2.

Plot Edit

After The Void Was Closed, A Fimilar Person Was Hiding Right In The Corners In Clarence's Garage.

Characters Edit

  • Clarence
  • Lucky (Season 3 And Onwards Design)
  • Jeff
  • Sumo

Script Edit

Clarence: So What Are You Going To Do For The 67 Days Of Summer Vacation?

Sumo: Have A Hike.

Jeff: Taking a Review On The Bacteria On

Clarence: Well I am Going To Have The Best Day!

(Muffled Grunting From Garage)

Clarence: Wow.

Jeff: Who Lives Down here, Sleeping On A Old Mattress, Eating Cold Leftover- AHH!, This Food, It's Hot.

Sumo: How Did He Get Hot Food?

Lucky: You Never Know.

Clarence: Who Are You?

Lucky: I Am Lucky.

Clarence: But That's Inpossible!

Lucky: I Have Lived Down Here For Decades!

Clarence: Why Don't You Come With Us?

Lucky: Ok.

(All Laughing Loudly)

Trivia Edit

  • The Shelf Next To Sumo Has "Shadow The Hedgehog" On It, A Sonic Character.
  • The Title Shares The Same Title To The Amazing World Of Gumball.
  • A Mickey Mouse Plushie Makes A Cameo In The Garage.

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