[In the classroom, Amy was giving invitations for the girls especially for Kimby, Malessica, Adriana, Ashley, Saylor, Mariah, Mia and Chelsea]

  • Saylor: [reading the invitation] You are invited to my sleepover! Love, Amy. That's strange.
  • Adriana: I know, right?
  • Saylor: Right.
  • Adriana: Hey, Ms. Baker?
  • Ms. Baker: [turns around] What is it?
  • Adriana: After school, Amy wants to invite the girls for a sleepover!
  • Ms. Baker: Sounds cool. I remember my first sleepover when I was 13.
  • Mia: [whispering] Amy.
  • Amy: What?
  • Mia: Have you ever went to a sleepover before?
  • Amy: Sure.
  • Chelsea: I know that. It was so cool, it has music, pillows and movies!
  • Clarence: Man, Mia wanted to go for a sleepover.
  • Mariah: I know!
  • Chelsea: Amy is hosting her sleepover!

[Belson crosses his arms]

  • Belson: Hmph! If Amy throws a sleepover with her pajamas on, I bet I will scare her to death.
  • Dustin: Yeah.

[scene cuts to the school locker room where Brayden is talking to Belson, Dustin, Jeff, Sumo and Clarence]

  • Belson: Amy inviting people for a sleepover? What's so dumb about that?
  • Dustin: Where people eat pizza, watch cartoons, have pillow fights and listen to music.
  • Clarence: What will you do if we must pull a prank on the girls?
  • Belson: Well, I should scare the pants out of the girls by wearing a white sheet over my head and run around the house like a ghost flying around.
  • Jeff: [shocked] Ghost?
  • Brayden: Yeah! A ghost will scare the girls in their very own sleepover!

[Saylor arrives]

  • Saylor: What are you guys talking about?
  • Brayden: The pranks in the sleepover.
  • Saylor: Do you think that Amy's house is haunted?
  • Clarence: Yeah, Belson has a plan to prank the girls.
  • Mariah: Oh, don't you mean that the ghost will haunt the house?
  • Saylor: Yeah, but I do believe in ghosts.
  • Mariah: No one does believe in ghosts.
  • Saylor: Yeah so I am some kind of gloomy goth.
  • Jeff: [gasps] She believes in ghosts!
  • Amy: Hey, Jeff! Saylor wants to talk to you!
  • Jeff: What is it?
  • Amy: Belson wants to pull a ghostly prank on the girls!
  • Jeff: Prank?
  • Saylor: Yeah! [evil laughter]
  • Jeff: [nervously] Um, okay?

[scene cuts at Amy's house where she hears a knocking door]

  • Amy: Who is it? [opens door to find Mariah, Mia, Saylor, Chelsea, Adriana, Courtlin, Kimby, Ashley and Malessica]
  • Chelsea: Hey Amy. Who is ready for the some fun?
  • Amy: I am. Welcome girls to my first annual sleepover day!
  • Mariah: What is up? I'm ready for a sleepover
  • Mia: Yeah, me too. I love a good slmber party!
  • Kimby: What I meant is a fun party. This is where we watch cartoons!
  • Ashley: I am going to take my pretty pink night gown from Honesty.
  • Malessica: I will take my silk pajamas.
  • Chelsea: I'll be bringing up the snacks.
  • Adriana: And I'll go get my pillow.

[scene cuts to Amy's room with Mariah, Mia, Saylor, Chelsea, Adriana, Courtlin, Kimby, Ashley and Malessica]

  • Amy: Okay! Listen! Pranks are not allowed in a sleepover. You know ghosts are NOT real!
  • Mariah: Not real?
  • Amy: Yeah!
  • Amy: Wanna play truth or dare?
  • Saylor: Sure.
  • Amy: Okay. Truth or dare?
  • Saylor: Truth.
  • Amy: Do you believe in ghosts?
  • Saylor: Yes! I do believe in them.

[Belson turns off the lights as the girls scream. Moans and evil laughter echoed across the room. The lights flicker back on.]

  • Mariah: What was that?
  • Amy: I dunno. Must've been a storm.
  • Courtlin: Maybe it's a prank.
  • Saylor: How about we summon the ghost of my great grandmother, Rosetta LaDionne.

[Saylor brings up an Ouija board and some candles in order to practice a séance]

  • Malessica: I'm scared.
  • Chelsea: This frightens and upsets me.
  • Saylor: Alright, who wants to summon the ghost of Rosetta LaDionne?
  • Amy: Not me. I am somehow afraid that Rosetta LaDionne might haunt my house.

[Saylor takes control of the Ouija board]

  • Saylor: Okay, Rosetta LaDionne. You might be my great grandma, but I will summon you.
  • Kimby: This is getting even weird.
  • Saylor: Are you my great grandma?

[Ouija board spells out YES]

  • Adriana: I knew it!
  • Saylor: Hey, that I was supposed to say!
  • Adriana: Rosetta is your great grandmother!
  • Saylor: I know that. She is my dad's mom's mom. My dad's name is Henry LaDionne-Browning.
  • Mariah: My dad's name is Christopher.
  • Adriana: Mine's Garrett.
  • Mia: Mine's Phil.
  • Kimby: I love my dad so much!

[The boys are peaking out the window with Brayden with the binoculars]

  • Brayden: Well, seems like they're having fun.

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