Super Clarence World, Is A Game By Bloware and Nintendo, The Game Is Based Off of Super Mario World.

Gameplay Edit

Unlike Clarence Cartoons, The Game Does Not Take Place In Aberdale, The Mayor Opened Aber-Island, A Island Similar To Aberdale.

Plot Edit

Oh Hamburgers! Belson Has Kidnapped Queen Ashley! We Have Got to Save Her!

Characters Edit

  • Clarence
  • Sumo (2 Player Mode/3 Player Mode Only)
  • Jeff (3 Player Mode Only)
  • Donald Horn (Unlockable)
  • Belson
  • Ashley
  • Sir Percy
  • Sir Dustin
  • Sir Nathan

Stages Edit

  • Aber-island 1
  • Aber-island 2
  • Rough Riders Mountains
  • Mushroom Mountain
  • Yellow Switch Palace
  • Apple Hills
  • Glazed Grass hills
  • Red Switch Palace
  • Emereald Caves
  • Blue Switch Palace
  • Frantic Flying Factory
  • Final Stage

Endings Edit

  • In The Good Ending, Queen Ashley Is Freed And Put Back On Her Throne.
  • In The Bad Ending, She Ends Up Getting Exploded By a Bomb, Saying That She Blew It.

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