Sumo's Rivalry is a fictional episode of Clarence.

Synopsis Edit

One of Sumo's old enemies, Seabass returns and takes over the Guy-Scraper. Sumo fights for the treehouse and sacks revenge.

Plot Edit

Clarence and Sumo throw darts at the ceiling of the Guy-Scraper. Jeff complains he just got them all down. Then, Sumo smells something in the distance. It was none other than Seabass, who appeared in the episode, "Hoofin' It". Seabass hides from his mom, on refusing to take a bath. The boy finds the Group's treehouse and kicks them out. Clarence stands up to Seabass, but he bullies him, though, Sumo fights back and sacks revenge on Seabass. Meanwhile, Chad and Mary have an argument on all their shenanigans throughout their life. Chad ends the argument my harshly saying that she never had a thin body. Mary becomes shocked by Chad's words, she starts to scarf down some food. They both storm off. The next day with Sumo, he calls in help from Nathan and Dustin. Sumo decides to have war with Seabass to get back his treehouse. Him, Clarence and Jeff think of some plans. Later, after the argument last night, Mary continues overeating. Chad decides to take her to dinner at the Chuckleton's. Later, after they arrived, things backfire. The next day, the boys hold buckets of moss, then, they attack. But, Seabass played dirty. Sumo takes it as the final straw. He fights Seabass, but, Seabass wins. Sumo will never give up getting the Guy-Scraper back. Meanwhile with Chad, him and Mary get in bed, but, Mary's new size breaks the bed's legs. They both laugh about what happened. The next morning, Chad makes Mary even fatter. Meanwhile, Sumo decides to bring out the big guns; his mom. And the plan worked. At night with Chad and Mary get in bed, but Mary gets a heart attack before getting to bed. In the morning, she is took to the hospital. She wakes up and takes out a mirror and sees her hot new self. Clarence is in awe to see her mom with a new body. The episode ends with Sumo and Jeff stare at each other.

Transcript Edit

Main article: Sumo's Rivalry/Transcript

Characters Edit

Main Characters Edit

  • Chad
  • Mary
  • Clarence
  • Sumo
  • Jeff

Supporting Characters Edit

  • Dustin
  • Nathan
  • Seabass (antagonist)

Minor Characters Edit

  • Seabass's Mom (debut)

Trivia Edit

  • The story is a homage to the Family Guy episode, "Sibling Rivalry".