Clarence and his class go to Sesame Place but kids on the Rollar Coasters die because Big Bird kills them. Clarence's class don't die,including their teacher. Also, Bob McGrath appears and survives.


  • Clarence
  • Jeff
  • Ms. Baker
  • Crendle
  • Big Bird
  • Elmo
  • Belson
  • Dustin
  • Percy

Guest StarsEdit

  • Grant Palmer as Lincoln Loud
  • Adam Miner as Lana Loud

Speical Guest StarsEdit

  • Nika Futterman as Luna Loud


  • Big Bird is evil .
  • Elmo appears at the end.
  • In the end credits they had the Sesame Street sign  and the CTW logo.
  • They had the letters and numbers of the day before the end credits.
  • They had the classic Sesame Street theme song insted of the Clarence theme song.
  • Letters and Numbers of the day: Letter A Letter C Letter T Number 1 Number 8 Number 5.   

Censorships Edit

  • The death of some children was censored (NOR WILL SAY WHY!).