Paper Clarence: The Thousand Year Door is a game based on Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.


Oh no! The Belson Bots are attempting to revive the Shadow Queen! So it's up to Clarence and his partners to save the day!


  • Malessica: Goombella
  • Brady: Koops
  • Amy Shutzger: Flurrie
  • Breehn: Yoshi Kid
  • Mavis: Vivian
  • Nathan: Admiral Bobbery
  • Chelsea: Mrs. Mowz


  • Belson: Lord Crump
  • Joshua: Sir Grodus
  • Tinia: Beldam
  • Sandy: Marilyn
  • Seabass: Doopliss
  • Belson Bots: X-Nauts

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