One Week at Pizza Swamp: The End Game is a FNaF game.

Gameplay Edit

The player can check the cameras pressing the blue button on the bottom right, the player can also move around to check the 3 entrances and the ceiling vent. The laptop can be opened by clicking the green button on the bottom left.

Cameras Edit

There are 13 cameras, they are listed below:

  • Center hall (cam 1)
  • Left hall (cam 2)
  • Right hall (cam 3)
  • Spare props (cam 4)
  • Spare hall (cam 5)
  • Ventilation room (cam 6)
  • Main hall (cam 7)
  • Ceiling vent conduct (cam 8)
  • Storage room (cam 9)
  • Supply closet (cam 10)
  • Wrecking hall (cam 11)
  • Animatronics parts (cam 12)
  • Parts hall (cam 13)

Animatronics Edit

  • Clarence
  • Jeff
  • Sumo
  • Prototype Clarence
  • Prototype Jeff
  • Prototype Sumo

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