This is noelani, she is born in august 16, 2003 and Leilani's older sister.

Noelani is Leilani's older sister who lives in lulu with her. She is born in 2003 and she has light skin, black hair and brown eyes. She Is Voiced by Alexa Gerasimovich.


She has brown eyes, black hair and light skin. She has a blue sleeveless camisole, a light blue sarong like a hula skirt and a blue two tone flower in her hair.


Noelani is a nice and beautiful girl who loves to do the hula with her sister.

Episode AppearancesEdit



  • She is friends with saylor and adriana.
  • Her full name is noelani kahahane-lived.
  • She does the hula with her sister.
  • She is the second hawaiian character of the tv show.

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