Maui Girl is a Traditional Hawaiian Song Written and Sung by Harry Bluestone played in Squidtastic Voyage and Lovely Leilani.


I love a pretty maui girl, she lives at Waikapû

With rosy cheeks and pearly teeth and lovely nut brown hair

Her waist it is so slender and her `ôpû so much nui nui

And all the wahines i ever did aloha, Sweet Leilani beats them all


My love for you, ua hiki hiki nô

Your love with me, pê lâ pê lâ pê lâ nô

Don't tell mama, a kulikuli

She'll tell papa, a luliluli

Nui, nui pilikia with me now


  • This is the only song that played in squidtastic voyage from spongebob squarepants.
  • Leilani, Adriana and Mariah danced the hula to the song.

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