I Got Belson is The Sumouski Trio's fifth studio aulbum.It was released by Capitol Records and released on July 21,2015

Track ListingEdit

  • Evreything Is Cool (Sumo Sumouski)
    • Lead vocals and lead guitar:Sumo
    • Keyboard solo:Mel
  • I Got Belson (Sumo Sumouski)
    • Lead Vocals and Lead Guitar:Sumo
  • Scream Away (Mel Sumouski)
    • Lead vocals:Mel
    • Lead Guitar:Clarence
  • Oh (Sumo Sumouski)
    • Lead Vocals:Sumo
    • ARP:Clarence
    • Synthizier:Mel
  • A Wall (Sumo Sumouski)
    • Lead Vocals and Lead Guitar:Sumo
    • ARP:Clarence
  • I Got That (Clarence Wendell)
    • Lead Vocals:Clarence
    • Lead Guitar:Sumo
  • The Last Bus(Sumo and Clarence)
    • Co-Lead Vocals:Sumo
    • Co-Lead Vocals and Lead Guitar:Clarence
    • Acoustic Guitar:Mel
  • White RV (Sumo Sumouski)
    • Lead Guitar and Vocals:Sumo

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