Five Nights At Pizza Swamp aka FNAPS is a horror game based on Fnaf. It is based of the episode Five Nights at Pizza Swamp.


  • Teddy Tedbear
  • Barry The Babooon
  • Mose The Mosquito

  • Tigore The Tiger

  • Ron The Racoon

  • Bronze Teddy

Night 1Edit

Teddy and Barry are active this night.

Night 2Edit

Teddy, Barry, Mose and Tigore are active this night. Teddy is more active this night.

Night 3Edit

Only Mose is active tonight. He is very active tonight.

Night 4Edit

Teddy, Barry, Mose, tigore, And Ron the raccoon are active this night.

Night 5Edit

All animatronics are active tonight. The new one is Bronze Teddy.

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