Five Nights At Clarence's 4: The Final Chapter is the final installment in the five nights at Clarence's series. It was revealed 7/14/15 at 2:12.So far all we have is a teaser. It's coming out on July 25th. It was changed because me and my family had to do something. Sorry.


In this game after Clarence's closes. You Craig Smith who murdered the Children gets kidnapped by the Animatronics and is taken to a Factory full of Clarence characters. This game is actually Free Roam.


1. In this teaser it shows a picture of Clarence crying blood. He has glowing red eyes. It says Help Us next to him.

2. I shows a picture of a building. On the top of the building it shows Clarence's face. There is words below the face. It says Clarence Wendell's fantasy funland. Under that it says under investigation..

3.There was a 10 second video that shows a new animatronic that resembles and Endoskeleton. It shows him standing. He has Breehn's animatronic head. He crushes it.

4.It showed a picture of the new animatronic saying Guess Who? It says his name is Jason Maverick. It is speculated that that is a evil organization. There is Clarence, Connor, Jerry and Freddy Fazbear. This is a very weird theory.

5.The trailer came out.

6.It shows a picture of the new Hybrid Clarence, Jeff and Sumo.

7.It says welcome to Wendell Fright. It also says it will now come out on 24th!

8. It says Ecneralc is Here!

9. It shows a picture of a photo negative version of all the Clarence characters. It says Ready to Die?

10. It shos The new animatronic Ecnefeom (A fusion of Ecneralc, Fejj and Omus)

11. It shows a picture of Hybrid Chad and Hybrid Mary

12. after The Demo Was Realeased, It Shows All The Clarence Characters From The Previous FNAC Games, It Says Thank You!


  • Hybrid Clarence
  • Hybrid Jeff
  • Hybrid Sumo
  • Hybrid Mary
  • Hybrid Chad
  • Hybrid Belson
  • Hybrid Belson
  • Hybrid Victor
  • Hybrid Connor
  • Hybrid Breehn
  • Hybrid Thomas
  • Ecnefeom (Hyrbrid of Ecneralc, Fejj and Omus.
  • Darkness

Night 1Edit

Hybrid Clarence, Jeff and Sumo are active. Also there is no phone call, but there is instructions on a paper.

Night 2Edit

Hybrid Thomas, Hybrid Connor and Hybrid Chad become active.

=Night 3Edit

Hybrid Victor, Hybrid Belson and Hybrid Mary become active.

Night 4Edit

Ecneofom becomes active.

Night 5Edit

All the previous characters are active.

Night 6Edit

Only Darkness is active.

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