Dale and Benny's Extreme Fun Zone Company is a fun center chain. The franchise is so big that it has an amusement parkcenter.

History Edit

On March 14, 1975, Dale Douglas and Benny Blandy Sr. opened Dale & Benny's. In 1977, they had ten locations. A businessman teamed up with them. His name was Frank Smith. In 1978, he opened an official one. He opened up 80 more stores and the franchise had 120 locations. In 1979, he opened more locations in other countries.  In 1980, they had about 800 locations. The company grew and grew into a business. In 1982, they had 900 stores almost 1000. So, they opened more and more. They had about 989 locations in 1984, so they opened opened eleven more before the tenth anniversary in, 1985. They had 1000 locations. In 1990, Frank Smith bought the company for 10 billion dollars. The original location had to move to Florida. In 2014, Frank Smith sold the company for 900 billion. The company was renamed to Dale and Benny's Extreme Fun Zone Company and  the number of  locations today are +46,000 worldwide. The first location closed in March 2015 and was sold by an anonymous person soon to be confirmed. The first location got moved to it's original spot and will be restored.

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