Clarence: Mom, can I go to Pizza Swamp

Mary: (In Chad's voice) Clarence, your adopted *Explodes*

Clarence: Okay!

Sumo: Hi Clarence *Grows Hair*

Clarence: Hi Sumo

Jeff: Me no likey Sumo's hair good I'M SO MAD!! *Turns in the Hulk and runs*

(Clarence and Sumo go on a plane)

Clarence: I like this Plane *Throws mud on floor*

Sumo: I think the Plane dosn't like this.

Clarence:Silly Sumo Planes can't talk

Plane: That's what you think that's what you think *Explodes*

(Clarence and Sumo go to Restaurant Town)

Clarence:This is so Awesome

Sumo: Jeff's Favorite Show is on

Clarence: Not  SCS:E 

Ginsbot: I'm not really Ginsbot *Turns into Angela Anaconda*

Angela Anaconda: [Singing] My Name is Angela, Hey ho! Welcome to my very own show! I'll introduce to my friends!


Angela Anaconda: *Pops out of TV* Hello Clarence *Turns into her true identedy Lady Ealine*

Lady Ealine: I love being Angela Anaconda

Clarence: I have one question. Why is your nose so big?

Sumo: Yeah

Lady Ealine: I'm very proud of it

The End


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