Clarence Zombie Defense is a Video Game for mobiles in which Clarence tries to defend the school from a zombie invasion.

Weapons Edit

Name Info
Rifle The main weapon of the game, it serves to kill zombies as many fast
Grenades The player can press SPACE to use it, it deals splash damage and causes more damage than the rifle

Zombies Edit

Name Health Speed Special Introduced in
Zombie 3 Slow None At start
Cap Zombie 5 Slow His cap gives him more health Level 3
Umbrella Zombie 7 Moderate His umbrella gives him the skill to fly Level 5
Boxhead Zombie 8 Slow His cereal box gives him extra health Level 7
Segway Zombie 12 Moderate His segway gives him more speed Level 10
Balloon Zombie 6 Fast His balloon gives him more speed Level 12
Elephant Zombie 50 Moderate Does more damage Level 15
Elephant Balloon Zombie 18 Fast His elephant balloon gives him lots of health Level 18
Bug Zombie 2 Fast Carries a zombie Level 23
Golf cart zombie 35 Fast Throws golf balls and zombies Level 25

Upgrades Edit

Name Cost Effect Requires
Sharp Bullets 12 Increases the damage of the rifle None
Power Shot 20 Increases the repel of the rifle Sharp Bullets in level 3
Speed 15 Increases the fire rate of the rifle None
Fatal Blow 35 Gives the chance to do double damage Speed in level 2
Big Explosions 50 Increases the explosion size Fatal Blow in level 5

Extras Edit

These extras serves to make the game different.

Name What it does
Blue explosions Make the explosions blue
Wind Shows wind in the air
Snow floor Adds snow to the ground

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