The Clarence Trilogy is a trilogy of Clarence and Star Wars mashed up.

Synopsis Edit

  • Episode IV: A Young Hope - Clarence, Jeff, Sumo, Dustin and Nathan tell stories. Then Clarence tells his side of a story called Star Wars.
  • Episode V: The Enemy Strikes Back - After lightning strikes the power, Clarence tells Episode V.
  • Episode VI: Return of Sumo - The five can't find anything good on TV, so Clarence tells Episode VI.

Characters Edit

Skyler Page

Clarence as Ben Kenobi

Sean Gaimbrone

Jeff as Han Solo

Tom Kenny

Sumo as Luke Skywalker

Isabella Niems

Kimby as Princess Leia

Spencer Rothbell

Nathan as C-3PO

Kyle Arem

Dustin as R2-D2

Roger Craig Smith

Belson as Darth Vader

Percy as Wicket and the Ewoks

Dave Boat

The Mayor as Grand Moff Tarkin

Atticus Shaffer

Seabass as The Emperor


Memo as Chewbacca

Gilben as Protocol Droid (From Episode V, where 3PO Meets him and the droid says "Bea-chew-ca!" to him)

Trivia Edit

  • Even though Clarence tells the saga stories, he didn't say the Star Wars title.
  • The stories go by the same way, but, there are some moments where they don't go by the saga's plots.
  • Instead of the Star Wars title below Clarence's name, it is just Clarence's name only in the Star Wars text front.