By Krogtech studios.......

In Aberdale someone is causing havoc, So Clarence decides to stop this person.


1. Bendle park = Belson

2. School = Dane


4. Malakevin

5. Death Lerf

6, Mutant death lerf.

Playable charactersEdit

Clarence. You do not unlock him he is always there.

Sumo, beat world 1

Jeff beat world 2

Nathan beat word 3

Breen, beat world 4

Chad, beat world 5

Ashley beat world 6

Kimby beat world 7

Mel Sumoski beat world 8

Mary beat world 9





Chelsea will join you after you give her 4 diamonds.

Camden use 70 coins.

It was a normal day in Aberdale but then a giant rocko stole the princess. Now we must retrieve it.

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