Clarence Smash Bros Melee, Is A Game Created By Nintendo, it is like Super Smash Bros Melee But With Clarence Characters as Miis.

Characters Edit

  • Clarence (Swordfighter)
  • Jeff (Gunstar)
  • Sumo (Mage)
  • Belson (Swordfighter)
  • Nathan (Boxer)
  • Chad (Gunstar)
  • Malekevin (Swordfighter From Character Trophy)
  • Nivekelam (Buy Reverse Pack)
  • Dahc (Buy Reverse Pack)
  • Ecneralc (Buy Reverse Pack)
  • Julien (Mage)
  • Emilio (Boxer)
  • Dustin (Gunstar)
  • Belson Kragbot (Swordfighter Belson's Final Smash)
  • Breehn (Gunstar)

Items Edit

  • Kragbot Spawn
  • Pain Bomb
  • Rough Riders Sauce
  • Party Sub
  • Helmet
  • Itch Bomb
  • Stink Bomb
  • Driveable Cart
  • Baseball Bat

Stages Edit

  • Rough Riders Chicken
  • Chuckleton's
  • Bendle Park
  • Fishy Phil's
  • Game Dump
  • Pizza Swamp
  • Pizza Shack
  • Food Nephews
  • Clarence's House
  • Aberdale Elementary
  • Ms Baker's Class
  • Detention Room

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