Clarence Heroes™ is a video game created by Guyle corp and developed by Steam and by Valve, the game is based on Sonic heroes.

History Edit

Unlike other games and Clarence shows, the game does not take place in Aberdale, the mayor opened the Aber-city, another city like Aberdale, but has more features, houses and more exploration nature, since Ecneralc, FFej and omus together forces and created the Ecneralc team to cause bad the new Aber-city, since Clarence, Jeff and Sumo have joined forces to combat this new evil legacy in Aber-city.

Gameplay Edit

The game begins by explaining the history 3D cutscenes, then the game starts and you can control Clarence, Jeff Sumo or pressing a key, both three characters has a button that is pressed, the character is mute character ... you'll go scenarios in Aber-city until arriving at the bank, where the omus robot is the first sub-boss in the game, and so on you face various dangers, exciting adventures on his journey against Ecneralc team.

Worlds Edit

  1. Aber-city
  2. Aber-city train
  3. Blistering desert
  4. Omus cove (is a secret cave)
  5. Green forest
  6. Sky troubles
  7. FFej clouds
  8. Volcano island
  9. Volcano (inside)
  10. Ecneralc temple
  11. Special world

Bosses Edit

Aber-city Edit

Sub-boss Edit

The first minor boss is located at the Bank of Aber-city, is a robot Like Omus will he loose missiles.

Aber-city train Edit

Boss Edit

The Train of Aber-city you fight with Omus, but after he flees from the time the player defeat it, and you chase it and goes to the Blistering Desert.

Blistering desert Edit

Sub-boss Edit

You fight with another robot, this time it is a machine that shoots missiles and has an artificial intelligence.

Boss Edit

You will find a robot-cactus, and you should fight with him to go forth.

Omus cove Edit

Do You fight with some minions of team Ecneralc, then you fight with Omus, if he wins, you will defeat, and then goes straight to the Green forest.

Green forest Edit

Boss Edit

You have to fight with a caterpillar robot.

Sky troubles Edit

Sub-boss Edit

You fight with a cloud furious that you get x-rays.

Boss Edit

The head of Sky troubles is the same cloud furious, but it is bigger and stronger.

FFej clouds Edit

Boss Edit

This is not a world, is a boss, you fight against FFej, after you defeat him and continues the journey.

Volcano (inside) Edit

Sub-boss Edit

Ecneralc-robot is the minor boss, is not real Ecneralc.

Ecneralc temple Edit

Boss Edit

You fight finally against Ecneralc, after defeat it you win the game, brings peace to Aber-city, and unlocks the world bonus.

Teams Edit

  • Team Clarence (Clarence, Jeff and Sumo)
  • Team Belson (Belson, Nathan and Dustin)
  • Team Ecneralc (Ecneralc, FFej and Omus)
  • Team Kimby (Kimby, Malessica and Courtin)
  • Team Shadow (Shadow Clarence, Shadow Jeff and Shadow Sumo)
  • Team Percy (Percy, Bill and Bull)
  • Team secondary (Victor, Thomas and Guyler)

More info coming soon...

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