Clarence Fighters, Is A Game Created By Rebbeca Sugar And Havok.

Characters Edit

  • Clarence
  • Jeff (Beat First Champion)
  • Sumo (Beat Second Champion)
  • Belson (Beat First Circit)
  • Percy (Beat King Chad)
  • Chad (Beat Second Circit)
  • Mary (Beat Belson)
  • Bronze Clarence (Beat The Final Circit)
  • Nathan (Unlock Mary)
  • Brady (Win A Title Bout)
  • Guyler (Win Against Mary As Percy)
  • Ecnearlc (Buy Clarence Pack)
  • Nature Clarence (Buy Clarence Pack)
  • Mysterious Clarence (Buy Clarence Pack)
  • Victor (Buy Fan Character Pack)
  • Connor (Buy Fan Character Pack)

Gameplay Edit

You Need To Press A To Punch, You Can Uppercut By Up + A.

Special Stages Edit

Major Circit

You Will Fight Sega Characters.

Bounus Circit

You Will Fight Robot Belson.


You Will Fight 3 Champions: Punkrence Punk Jeff, And Punkmo.

Online Wrestle (Sign In Only) Edit

You Will Fight Against Other Players Playing Clarence Fighters, If You Win, You Can Choose To Leave Or Rematch.

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