Clarence Cyborg
Clarence Cyborg
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age Unknown
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Clarence Cyborg is a cybernetic robotic version of Clarence.

Appearance Edit

He's a big and tall robot with a head shaped like Clarence's, but with some bruises and scars and a right cyborg eye and a left scarred eye. At the back of his head, there's a metal covering to seal the inside of his head. He has a big, muscular metallic body (The body is composed of a metal cube and a metal trapezium. In the upper torso, there's a core (made out of Energon inside), a small vertical sliding door with a laser inside. at the sides, there are missile launchers that launch long range torpedoes which home in on enemies. For the lower torso (his abdomen), it contains 6 abdominal shaped doors with guns inside. His arms has his head emblem as the logo, located on the front of his shoulders. his lower arms has spikes on one side and has metal hands that shoot missiles. for his waist, it has studs on the brim and his legs resembles Clarence's but with metal rings with studs on them.

Personality Edit

Clarence cyborg used to be evil; cruel,wicked and bad like Ecneralc, but he is now friendly,loyal and headstrong. He now sides with Clarence and his friends.

Abilities Edit

  • Flying : He has built in jetpacks on his back, which enables him to fly.
  • Scanning and identifying : He has a right cyborg eye which can scan and identify anything and anyone.
  • Weapons: Clarence Cyborg has built-in all over his body. He uses them if there are enemies.
  • Transforming : He can only transform into a bed.
  • Stretching : he can stretch his arms and legs with ease.

Bio Edit

Clarence Cyborg used to be Clarence, studying at Aberdale Elementary. He was insulted by Belson Noles (He wrote a sign saying Clarence Sucks), laughed by his classmates and was suspended by Miss Baker for being insolent towards her.

When he was walking home from school, he was splashed with water by a passing car, got angry and chased it, and kicking down the bumper. This has angered the driver, who called police. When the police arrived, Clarence was nowhere to be found.

When Clarence arrived home, he greeted his parents Mary and Chad and immediately went to his room, without telling them what happened at school. He entered his room, hid under the bed to hide from the police, who arrived at his home. They questioned Mary, who said he was in his room. Then they went to his room, trying to open it but the door is locked. They barged into his room with reinforcements and searched for him, nowhere to be found again, Luckily a police detective helped them searching for clues. Later, when they found Clarence hiding behind a streetlight and arrested him, sending him to a juvenile court, where he was tried and sentence to life imprisonment of 10000 years.

When Clarence was in jail, he drew a map, made a drill to dig his way out and escaped.

Clarence was then kidnapped by a team of unlisenced mechanic/surgeons led by an evil doctor who plans to turn kids into cyborgs and have them to take over the world. he was brought before the doctor saying he's gonna turn him into a cyborg and sell his body parts to donors who need it. Clarence was brought into an operating room and was operated and surgically turned into a cyborg. Clarence (now known as Clarence Cyborg) is then trained to be a cyborg.

Relationships Edit

Clarence: He acts as his bodyguard and is always there when Clarence snaps his fingers to summon him.

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