Clarence Castle Defend, Is A Game By The Creators Of Clarence And Adventure Time.

Enemies Edit

Name Abilites
Orc A Normal Orc, Not Much About It.
Armoured Orc His Armour Makes Him Have More Health.
Orc Mutant So Strong, Only Can Be Deafeated By A Mage.
Orc Medic Can Heal Orcs That Are Low On Health.
Orc Sprinter Has Faster Movement, Can Move To Gold Faster.
Orc Warlord Very Strong Dutabilities.

Upgrades Edit

Name Upgrades
Faster Movement Doubles Your Walkspeed.
Double Health Doubles Your Health.
Stronger Weapons Raises Dutabilites Of Weapons.

Buildings Edit

  • Mage Tower
  • Castle
  • Fortress
  • Bigger Fortress (Level 10 Only)
  • Bomber Tower
  • Huge Fortress (Level 20 Only)

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