Clarence's Universe
Clarence's Universe Title Screen
Season Premiere, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date September
Written by Spencer Rothbell
Directed by Skyler Page (Supervising director)
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Clarence's Universe is a fictional season premiere special of Clarence, and a crossover with Steven Universe.

Synopsis Edit

Clarence, Sumo and Jeff leave Aberdale all by themselves and end up in a town called Beach City, where they meet Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems.

Full Story Edit

Clarence gives Sumo and Jeff news that his comic is back on the school paper. He took out the flatulence and added new ideas in it. Later, a comic he wrote was not making any sense. So, he decides to end it again the next day at school. They return to the house and passing by Amy, who returns back to her old home. Later, Clarence says there is nothing much amazing happening in Aberdale. Jeff decides to say something idiotic; going someplace new, alone. But, Mary disagrees. Jeff tries to talk it over on considering to go. Clarence gives Jeff a point. She then excepts. Later, the boys get on their red wagon and Sumo's parents, Sue, Chad and Amy are with Mary seeing them leave. Chad shaved, EJ didn't arrive and Mel and her wife thinking they're lying or not. Amy tries to make them stay, but, after the adults' conversations to each other, they're gone. Chad thinks they might come back.

The next day, the boys stop at some train tracks. Then, Clarence thinks on going through the meadows and then, the boys find themselves in a town called Beach City. Later, they walk around the town. Jeff decides to see the rest of the town. They meet Greg Universe, after saying to them that he knows someone.

He brings them to the Steven's house, where they meet the Crystal Gems. And Sadie who is here to visit. Steven comes home and meets the boys. Sumo asks for Clarence for wanting to see the whole town. Steven agrees. After seeing the whole town, Clarence and his friends get ready to leave. But, their red wagon is gone.

Characters Edit

Major Characters Edit

  • Clarence
  • Sumo
  • Jeff

Supporting Characters Edit

  • Chad
  • Mary
  • Amy
  • Greg
  • Sadie
  • Amethyst
  • Garnet
  • Pearl
  • Steven

Minor Characters Edit

  • Mel
  • Mrs. Sumozski
  • Sue
  • Dustin
  • Nathan
  • Kimby (no lines)
  • Ashley (no lines)
  • Malessica (no lines)
  • Courtlin (no lines)
  • Gilben (no lines)
  • Vu (no lines)
  • Breehn (no lines)
  • Sammy (no lines)
  • Kevin (no lines)
  • Yellowtail
  • Teen
  • Onion
  • Peridot (no lines)
  • Connie (no lines)
  • Kofi (no lines)
  • Gunga (no lines)
  • Jenny (no lines)
  • Kiki (no lines)
  • Sour Cream (no lines)
  • Buck Dewey (no lines)

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first Clarence crossover.
  • Skyler Page returns as the voice of Clarence and takes the role of Chad.
    • As Spencer Rothbell no longer serves as the current voice of Clarence, he becomes the current voice of Nathan.
  • The cactus comic script from the episode, "Freedom Cactus" makes another appearance.
  • Chad speaks the vernacular language in this special.
    • He even shaved his little beard.
  • Amy Gillis returns in the special.
  • Clarence mentions that there are no fictional things (such as alien invasions, superheroes, etc) going on in Aberdale.
    • As the show takes place in real life.
  • All the relatives of Clarence, Sumo and Jeff appear in the special.
    • Except for EJ, who felt sick.
  • The wagon from "The Break Up" returns in the special.
  • The crossover takes place before the events of the Steven Universe: In Too Deep episodes and later episodes.
    • Meaning, Lapis Lazuli is still fused with Jasper, the Cluster has not been stopped yet, Peridot is still working on the drill and Amethyst is still in her form from "Reformed".
  • Only six of the actors of Steven Universe reprise their roles.
  • All the other characters in Beach City have no lines in the special.
    • As well as the minor characters in Aberdale.

References Edit

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