When Sumo and Jeff learn Clarence has a crush On Kimby they want to bring them together

Plot Edit

The episode begins with Clarence Jeff and Sumo at the treehouse hanging out. Clarence then says to the other two do you guys have any plans for Valentines and Jeff said no what about you then Clarence said while there is a girl i would like to ask out. Jeff and Sumo were surprised at what he said . Sumo asked who is the lucky lady? Clarence blushed and smiled and said Kimby. Jeff said I knew it! Clarence then said I will see you guys later OK? They replied Sure and he left. The next day the school was having a Valentines party and Jeff and Sumo had a plan to get Clarence and Kimby together. Jeff said did you get the card and he replied yeah. Jeff wrote " I really like you and I have even been to your slumber party I hope that we can get together today and then they switched out the card Clarence had got and put the one they wrote. Then Mrs. Baker said " Ok class you may look at the cards everyone got for each other Kimby saw the card Jeff and Sumo had written and she blushed at Clarence who was eating some heart candys' Kimby got up and said " Clarence you have a crush on me?" Clarence said " How do you know that?" She replied " The card you got was sweet and nice " Clarence " Yeah you are welcome" Then she said " Will you be my boyfriend?" Clarence said " Um sure " she kissed him on the cheek and said " OK want to go on a date?" " Clarence said " Yeah where at" She said how about the skating rink?"

Characters Edit





Trivia Edit

Clarence and Kimby are dating as of this episode

Clarence has liked Kimby for a really long time

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