Krazy Clarence

Clarence is the Main Character in the Clarence series, Clarence toons and The Clarence Show. He first Appeared In The "Pilot".

Appearnce Edit

He is a Chubby Kid. He wears a T-Shirt with Dark Blue Sleeves. He has Orange Hair. Wears Blue pants And Dark Blue Shoes.

The Emo Edit

He Now Appears as a Bald Kid Wearing a Black hoodie. Almost Acting Like Saylor. He Has Rings around His Eyes And Seems to Dislike Belson. This is notable in the non-Fanon episode "Lil' Buddy". However, this wasn't Permanet

Appearnces Edit

Clarence Has Appeared in All the Episodes Due to his Main Character Personaility.

Trivia Edit

  • In the Episode "Chimney". It Revealed That His Shoes were Fake.

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