"Chad Moves On" is a episode of Clarence.

Summary: When Mary & Chad had a Agruement they decided to breakup. Then things without Chad turned into a unexpected turn. When Clarence and his friends discovered his new step-dad is Mr Resse! A few weeks later after the Agruement Chad moved in. and he missed Mary so munch. Then right after that , The Wendles had their dinner. But Clarence felt bad and wanted Chad to come back. Then later Mr Resse & Mary wanted to break up. And Chad & Mary was back together.

EDIT as 2018: even though this Fanon epsiode is old. I will try to add more information on it. Note: i am not the creator of this episode it's one of the members here.

<Transcript> (search it up.)


Mary (Major Role)

Chad (Major Role)

Supporting Roles


Clarence (Supporting Role)

Jeff (Supporting Role)

Sumo (Supporting Role)

Mr. Resse (Supporting Role/Main)

Melenie Baker (Supporting Role/Mentioned)

Other Characters but not in role


Amy Gills (pictured in the shelter)

Damaian (Flashback/no role)

Chad's Roomate (Flashback/no role)

Mary's Friends (Flashback/no role)