Anna Camila Williams is a character in The Clarence Show. She is one of the antagonist of the show as being the bully of Amy Gillis and Amanda Bennett. She also shows a bit of antagonistic personalities against Clarence, Sumo and Jeff.


Camila has a bit of a brat - type personality. She is a sarcastic, skeptical, monotonous and immature brat. She'd even said she'll rather kill a cute animal rather than care for it. Camila even disrespected her parents when she destroyed her birthday cake when she didn't get the present she wanted. In the episode "Clarence's Party", she was invited when Clarence bumped onto her when she was stealing a book from the library. When Clarence greeted her, she pushed him away and grabbed her invitation. She gave Clarence a "death glare" and fleed into the room.

Camila may be bossy and sarcastic, but she is a big crybaby. She did so when her mother locked her in her room after removing the door knob from their room in "Camila the Brat."

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