Bigfoot is the true main antagonist of Clarence: The Movie. He is a large, hairy, ape-like creature thought by some to inhabit the Pacific Northwest of North America. While the existence of Bigfoot has been a subject of debate and mystery in the real world. He lives in the forest located somewhat near the kids' residence. The creature is feared by a group of kids, Clarence, Amy Gillis, Jeff and Sumo.


Clarence: The MovieEdit

The bigfoot makes his first real appearence as he eats Chad and Mel Sumouski alive, and later mentioned by Sumo that he eats Chad when he is searching for Clarence and the kids.

Later, In the movie's climax, he decided to attack Jeff, Sumo, Amy Gillis, Belson and the group of kids in the woods, but Clarence came and pinned him out of the bus and the battle begins. The fight was vicious as Bigfoot swatted Clarence off the cliff and tries to finish him off. Clarence fights him several times and Belson blows a raspberry to distract the bigfoot from killing the kids. At this point, the dam breaks, and the river begins to flow rapidly. The bigfoot then turns his attention to Amy Gillis and Jeff and turns to kill her, but Clarence bites his foot and punches him off the cliff. When Sumo saves Amy Gillis from falling to his death into the river, Bigfoot tries to kill him, but he loses his balance, then, Clarence punches him, only to finally plummeting off the cliff and into the water below with the log.

At the end, The bigfoot is revealed to be still alive, where he is found by the rangers and got taken in the helicopter into the zoo.

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