Balance Edit

Balance is a minor character in Clarence, he works at the Invisible Circus.

Vital statistics
Position Circus Worker
Age Early-20s
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Appearance Edit

Balance is a circus performer with dwarfism, because of this he looks similar to Clarence, mainly by the shape of head and face. He has darker orange skin and has a odd nose similar to Belson's, except shorter, he has similar hairstyle to Clarence, except it lacks bumps, more like the reversed type, and has yellow teeth which are the opposite from Clarence's, he also has a fake pirate hook on his right hand and brown overalls, and grey shirt, and he also has a unibrow, much like Belson, he also has a scar on his left cheek.

Personality Edit

He's much opposite that of Clarence, he seems to give fear to everyone, and usually grabs certain people by the neck with the use of his pirate hook, he seems to have a habit of jumping to conclusions about people. he's seems nice to other teachers, including Ms Baker, than kids, he's somewhat acrobatic, as he able to stand on fork without falling, as it later revealed that he can also do hypnosis, especially on teachers for attention and also secretly works for The Invisible Circus.

Episode appearances Edit

Balance Returns

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