Athena is a saxophonist at Aberdale Middle School. She is voiced by Rowan Blanchard.



Episode AppearancesEdit


  • "Becky, I visited you to Rachel's house to let us have free Honesty clothing!" -Athena talking to Besty about the sleepover
  • "I'm the best musician of the world!" -Athena to herself in the mirror
  • "Jazz is hypnotized?" -Athena about a hypnotized Jazz


  • Her full name is Athena Jane Roberts.
  • She likes Honesty clothing.
  • She is 12 in 7th grade in 2015, but she will be 13 at Athena the Teenager.
  • Athena can sing and play saxophone but in Mia and her Sister, Becky and Athena can perform teen songs like Stitches, Same Old Love, Blank Page, and many other songs.
  • She likes teen pop idols such as Serena Gonzalez, Igloo Australia, Charlotte CXC, Cathy Gary, Whitney Sheers, Catherina Angelina, Jason Timothylake, and Mayroon 5.