Abby "Amy" Russel is one of the students in Ms. Khloe's class. She is voiced by Tara Strong.

Character Information about Amy Russel Edit

Full Name: Abby M. Russel

Gender: Female

Age: 7

Occupation: Student

Friends: Clarence, Belson, Jeff, Sumo, Kimby, Annabella

Voiced by: Tara Strong

Appearance Edit

Amy Russel is light-skinned, and has brown hair styled in twin ponytails attached with green bows. She also wears a green dress with an image of a pink flower on. She also wears pink shoes with green bows, and has green eyes. She even has cupcake-shaped earrings.

Personality Edit

Amy Russel seems to be fun-loving at times, and is even a fan of Wonder Cats (a parody of Wonder Girls).

Episodes Edit

Amy in Need Edit

Amy is seen in an airplane, and is moving from Chicago to Aberdale. She also decided to hang out with Clarence, Jeff, Sumo and Annabella and went to a new school: Aberdale Junior High, because Ms. Bakers has quit her job of being the teacher of Aberdale Elementary School, and decided to move to a new school in China. There are also some two students of Aberdale Junior High: Destiny and Alexander. They even met their good junior high teacher, Ms. Khloe. Clarence and his friends even wanted Amy to come to Destiny's house for a slumber party, and Amy seems to like being moved to Aberdale than Chicago.

Wi-Fi Thieves Edit

Amy, Destiny, Jeff and Alexander decided to come to Clarence's house for a slumber party night. Sumo even doesn't come to the slumber party night because he has the brain flu. Clarence and his friends even went to Poppy's Ice Cream Shop for Sundae Sunday. The kids even wanted to watch a movie in Clarence's bedroom and decided to watch a movie drama called 'The Sweet and Sour'. But Clarence's computer doesn't have internet, and notices the internet is called, "Leave me alone, Clarence", which is created by Belson to make Clarence not to annoy him around. Amy and her friends even got the Wi-Fi back, and started watching the movie drama.

Trivia Edit

  • She stills appears in season 3 episodes.
  • Amy's favorite musical group is Wonder Cats, a parody of Wonder Girls.

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